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Park Rehabilitation and Development

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Park Rehabilitation and Development grants are awarded to municipalities and authorized nonprofit organizations for recreational projects. These include NEW development, rehabilitation of existing parks and recreation facilities.

Guidance Documents

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Grant Instructions & Guidance Documents

Project Criteria Question Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Eligible and Ineligible Project Activities / Costs Policy

Step-By-Step Grant Instructions

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Development Pre-application Tasks:

We strongly suggest that you review the links provided above prior to beginning your application.

Contact Regional Advisor
Obtain an SAP Vendor Number and a DUNS Number.
Collect County/Municipal Notification Letters: DCNR requires applicants to notify the county planning agency and municipalities where your project is located. You are not required to submit letters of support from these entities or letters recognizing the project. If you have them, they may be helpful so it is suggested that you attach them.
Secure Match:  Match is required for all development projects and is usually equal to the grant funds awarded except for Small Community projects. The local match may be eligible cash, non-cash or a land donation value.
Secure Match:  If the match is from source(s) other than applicant, commitment letters provided from those providing match are required.
Secure Match:  If land donation is part of the match, provide a full self-contained appraisal report and a completed Public Value & Use Form.
Obtain a detailed cost estimate from at least one qualified consultant and prepare a detailed budget that clearly identifies all project costs (cash costs and non-cash values).  Lump sum budgets are not acceptable.
Obtain a Site Development Drawing and/or plan(s) provided by a licensed professional such as a landscape architect, architect, or engineer.
Verify ownership and/or control of the project site to be developed.

Match:  Most projects require a 50% match, which can include a combination of Cash and/or Non-Cash values.

Eligible Project Types:

Park Rehabilitation and Development (PRD)

These projects involve the rehabilitation and development of public indoor and/or outdoor park, recreation and conservation areas and facilities. All construction must be completed in accordance with the applicable federal, state and local laws, including the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.


Small Community (SC) Program

Limited to Municipalities with a population of 5,000 or less
Grants are available for the rehabilitation and/or new development of basic outdoor recreation and park facilities that provide a high level of recreational value (e.g. Playgrounds, Pavilions, etc.)
Projects exceeding $110,000 in value are not eligible for this Program
Total project costs range from $70,00 - $110,000
Grants will range from $50,000 - $70,000
The first $30,000 of Grant Funding does NOT require a Match; after that, the grant will require a $1 for $ 1 match
Additional funds have been included to cover Professional Services Costs; please review roles and responsibilities in guidelines

For more details on the program, please review the program guidelines.


Rivers Conservation Development (RCD)

These projects connect communities to their local waterways by developing public access to waterways for recreation; and/or restoring waterways and the condition of the local watershed.


This Grant Program is administered by: Bureau of Recreation and Conservation

This Grant Program is funded by: Keystone, Land & Water Conservation Fund and Growing Greener 1

Eligible applicants include: County or Municipal Government, Higher Educational Institution, Other Educational Institution, Non-profit with 501(c)3 IRS Status and Non-profit with PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations Status