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Land Acquisition and Conservation

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Grant Instructions & Guidance Documents

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Eligible and Ineligible Project Activities / Costs Policy

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Acquisition Pre-application Tasks:

Contact Regional Advisor
Obtain an SAP Vendor Number and a DUNS Number
All applicants planning to apply for a land acquisition grant under the Critical Habitat/Open Space Program must pre-qualify as an eligible applicant for funding under the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Act, click on the Prequalified Land Trust Policy for more information.
Collect County/Municipal Notification Letters
Secure Match: If cash match from sources other than applicant, commitment letters provided from those providing match
Secure Match: If land donation is part of the match, provide an appraisal report
Create a realistic, accurate, and detailed cost estimate / budget
Acquisition Eligible and Ineligible Grant Project Activities/Costs/Match
Obtain an appraisal report for the project property to be acquired.  See our Appraisal Policy for guidance.
Provide tax map
Waiver of Retroactivity, formal written request to DCNR – Central Office and has contacted appropriate staff person.  See our Waiver for Retroactivity Policy.

Eligible Project Types:


Project that will provide public access to local community park and recreation areas.

Critical Habitat/Open Space

Project that protects open space and critical habitat for important species and ecosystems.

This Grant Program is administered by:  Bureau of Recreation and Conservation

Acquisition Project Related Policies

BRC Acquisition Policy: Requirements for Property Appraisals
BRC Acquisition Policy: Requirements for Boundary Surveys and Title Work
Prequalified Land Trust Policy
PNDI Policy
Acquisition Project Management Process Policy
Greening Policy
Public Value & Use Policy